About Marilyn

Like you, Marilyn August profit generating expert and author, has walked through her own revenue roadblocks. She pondered – she wondered – she explored;

  • Is it courage and determination that gets you to profitability?
  • Is it a positive attitude and deep dive into unconscious beliefs?
  • Is it selling skills and kick-ass marketing?
  • Is there a secret sauce that eludes all but a chosen few?

Marilyn August’s Profit GPS answers ALL OF THE ABOVE

Marilyn is sometimes referred to as MA (her initials) for her caring, understanding and compassionate for the process of developing higher profitability, She is also known as the Queen of Ka profitabilityCh’ing for her 150% commitment to increasing her client’s profits. Marilyn has a talent for finding the missing pieces in the sales process and the right marketing strategies at the right time. Marilyn’s ability to see through to the core issues and offer clear quickly implemented “get it done” solutions makes her a one-in-a million business development strategist.

Marilyn honed in her versatility as a Business Consultant for the Small Business Development Center in Santa Ana, Ca. (SBA). She has branched out to include a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial clients who want the benefit of a skilled advisor with a unique talent for identifying the right strategy and the experience to implement them.

Her success include small businesses over a the full spectrum of service industries from law firms to investigation companies from family owned business to Soloprenuers. She says, “Profitable business owners think differently than average and are life-long learners. They grow themselves personally as they grow their business profits. They know when they don’t know and aren’t shy about asking for help. They’re open to change and coachable as well as creative. They move quickly with market changes, have clarity of purpose, focus and direction.”

Prior to her mentoring business owners, Marilyn’s background includes over ten years as a corporate trainer for international companies such as American Honda Corporation and AAA-The Chicago Motor Club. Ms. August holds a Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University.