Like you, Marilyn August, sales accelerator facilitated trainings, business development strategist and author has walked her own path through profit roadblocks. It’s a sometimes challenging and scary journey as she became a seeker of answers to accelerating sustainable profits.

  • Is it courage and determination that gets you to profitability?

  • Is it a positive attitude and deep dive into unconscious beliefs?

  • Is it selling skills and kick-ass marketing?

  • Is there a secret sauce that eludes all but a chosen few?

Marilyn August developed her Integrated Profit GPS Technology to breakthrough profit roadblocks that answer these and other questions. 

About Marilyn AugustMarilyn is a profit generating expert whose client’s sometimes refer to as MA (her initials) in jest and in tribute to her passion for increasing their sustainable higher  profitability.  She’s  known for her sales and marketing technology that blasts through real and imagined revenue roadblocks. Marilyn has a gift  for recognizing the missing pieces in business processes.  Her natural gift to recognize  core issues and devise quickly implemented  solutions makes her a one- in-a million business development strategist.

Marilyn honed in her versatility as a Business Consultant for the Small Business Development Center in Santa Ana, Ca. (SBA). She has branched out to include a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial clients who want the benefit of a skilled advisor with a unique talent for identifying the right  strategies and the expertise to implement them.

Her success include a spectrum of service businesses from law firms to investigation companies from family owned  businesses to independent service professionals. Her ideal clients are are life-long learners always seeking to better themselves. They know when they don’t know and aren’t shy about asking for help.  Professionals who are open to shifting the way they do business as well as being able to quickly adjust to a changing marketplace. Her motto” you can’t grow your business unless your grow yourself.”

Prior to her Profit GPS  training and consulting business, Marilyn’s background includes over ten years as a corporate trainer for international companies such as  American Honda Corporation and AAA-The Chicago Motor Club. Ms. August holds a Master’s degree from Northern Illinois University.